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Our solutions include Cloud and Application Infrastructure at reasonable prices

It can be expensive to employ full time system administrators - why not just pay for what you need?

Private Cloud Available

Isolation, power, flexibility, high availability and Software-Defined technologies

The Private Cloud combines the best features of three types of infrastructure with the power of software defined technologies like Ceph or OpenvSwitch, in order to provide you with the latest generation of the cloud resolutely designed for professionals.

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Website Migration to New Server

Send us a more migration information of your Website/System, we will contact you asap.


Virtualization Implementation

Reduced spending and more efficient IT operations.


Middleware Architecture in Distributed System

Redundancy, Resiliency and Faster.


Physical Server Maintenance

Enhanced Reliability, Improved Productivity.


IT Infrastructure Monitoring System

Prevent and Reduce downtime and business losses.


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We Provide stable and secure data center hosting services with high-speed bandwidth, air-conditioning and fire protection equipment, comprehensive security systems and 24-hour telephone technical support. Suitable for customers who need server hosting and management in Hong Kong and other countries.
We have all-weather constant temperature equipment, FM200 fire protection system, active fire extinguishing system and 24 x 7 comprehensive security system and CCTV comprehensive monitoring.
If you sign up online with online payment, the service will start instantly within an hour. For offline payment, it requires half a business day for us to confirm payment and activate service. Please remember to upload payment advice here after bank transfer. You may also log in to Customer Control Panel for checking order status. Upon payment confirmation, you will soon receive emails with service setting when the service is ready to use. For some other services like Dedicated Server, it would take around 3-5 business days after payment confirmation for hardware deployment or server rack arrangement. Our teams will follow up your order and guide you through the processes step by step.
We provide online and offline payment modes. Online payment modes include credit cards and Alipay. You may access to these payment options at the online store or Customer Control Panel.
InfraUnit data center located in Hong Kong respectively for full service coverage. The data centers are connected by 10Gb network for real time data replication. The data centers guarantee 99.99% power availability with dual feed power, battery backup and 24 x 7 on guard security personnel.
To sign up service, the simplest way is to visit our online store. You may settle payment online as well with credit card. For most of the services, they will be activated within an hour. For customized service including Dedicated Server and Co-location, please contact our sales department for a quote.

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