Virtual Private Servers

Complete control and dedicated resources at a fraction of the cost

Our high specification Virtual Private Servers give you increased control

Our VPS solutions are great for websites that are growing and need a reliable infrastruture to run






Need an enterprise or custom solution for your business? Contact our Hosting Advisors to discuss your requirements!

What is a Virtual Private Server?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server

A physical server is housed in a data center

A VPS is a portioned part of one of these servers

A VPS can be customized to the liking of the user

A VPS can be scaled up to cater for future growth

A VPS has it's own operating system and disc space

Our Standard VPS Specifications

Instant Provisioning

Free Incoming Bandwidth

Create & Deploy Server Images

Includes SSD & RAID Protection

Free SSL Installation on request

Includes CloudFlare DDos Protection

Full root server access

A choice of Control Panels

Easy migration / scalability

Full Management Available

A choice of Operating Systems

Advanced Networking Made Easy

We also offer a number of Additional Resources and Services which can be found below

You can build a server with less resources today and scale it up in the future to meet your growing website needs

Additional Resources Description Setup Fee (HKD) Monthly Fee (HKD) Order
ECC Memory 4 GB Protects against data corruption by automatically detecting and correcting memory errors FREE $80/mo Configure
SSD Software define Storage 100 GB High-performance, Reliable SSD Accelerated Storage with 3 Replicas FREE $200/mo Configure
Fixed IP Address x 1 Fixed IP with all port usable FREE $100/mo Configure
HK Local Bandwidth 10 Mb Dedicated Internet Access, Unlimit traffic, Guarantee Bandwidth FREE $300/mo Configure
Global Bandwidth 1 Mb Dedicated Internet Access, Unlimit traffic, Guarantee Bandwidth FREE $250/mo Configure
Additional Services Description Setup Fee (HKD) Monthly Fee (HKD) Order
Cycle Backup Copy Protect your business with complete and reliable backup of your entire system, files or data $500/per OS $200/500GB/mo Configure
Load Balancer Optimize your workload performance and help prevent overwhelm on single server to meet your high availability requirements $500/per instance $500/mo Configure
Firewall Virtual Appliance Firewall configuration and rule additions are easy and quick to setup and manage $500/per instance $1000/mo Configure

A selection of Server Operating Systems to choose from

All of our dedicated plans allow you to select your preferred operating system when building your server







Why should you use InfraUnit for VPS solutions?

Not only do we offer a 100% free trial for the first week on any hosting package, we also have a variety of other great benefits!

Extreme Performance

Using open source technology like Ceph that is both powerful and easy to use


We provide a 99.9% uptime SLA. We'll credit you for the amount of time that service was unavailable.

SDS Used

Using all SSD Software Define Storage for scalable, reliable and performance improvement.

Full Control

Allow remote server access to the server with SSH and ROOT access right


Technical support included for all customers with our hosting plans

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited traffic with bandwidth guaranteed

Private Networking

Private internal network only between your multiple VPS

We guarantee every aspect of our infrastructure to ensure proper performance of your VPS

From managing the hypervisor, to the network and right to your InfraUnit tool, our objective is to ensure that you can manage your VPS the way you want to at all times.

Owned Data Center

We have our own onsite data center and own all of our own equipment. This ensures that we are able to proactively manage and protect our infrastructure instead of relying on a third party provider.

Engineers Onsite 24/7

We have onsite technical engineers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If a problem occurs, you can be rest-assured that we have a team of experts available to respond immediately, no matter what day or time it is.

In-house Support Center

Whenever you contact us, you can be assured that you are talking to a member of our team. By having a dedicated support center, we are able to quickly resolve any issues you may encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page.

If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

Submit Your Questions
We Provide stable and secure data center hosting services with high-speed bandwidth, air-conditioning and fire protection equipment, comprehensive security systems and 24-hour telephone technical support. Suitable for customers who need server hosting and management in Hong Kong and other countries.
We have all-weather constant temperature equipment, FM200 fire protection system, active fire extinguishing system and 24 x 7 comprehensive security system and CCTV comprehensive monitoring.
If you sign up online with online payment, the service will start instantly within an hour. For offline payment, it requires half a business day for us to confirm payment and activate service. Please remember to upload payment advice here after bank transfer. You may also log in to Customer Control Panel for checking order status. Upon payment confirmation, you will soon receive emails with service setting when the service is ready to use. For some other services like Dedicated Server, it would take around 3-5 business days after payment confirmation for hardware deployment or server rack arrangement. Our teams will follow up your order and guide you through the processes step by step.
We provide online and offline payment modes. Online payment modes include credit cards and Alipay. You may access to these payment options at the online store or Customer Control Panel.
To sign up service, the simplest way is to visit our online store. You may settle payment online as well with credit card. For most of the services, they will be activated within an hour. For customized service including Dedicated Server and Co-location, please contact our sales department for a quote.
Customer could login the account control panel at to check the existing service. For plan details, you could contact us by email or via phone 2603 1887.

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